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Sanity 2.0 System Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction/Purification System


Based on the principle of real-time PCR detection, the Sanity 2.0 System is used together with supporting testing reagents for the clinical qualitative detection of target nucleic acids (DNA / RNA) from human samples, including pathogens and human genes.

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Instrument Details

Product NameCatalog NumberThroughputProcess Volume
Sanity 2.0 System505101Automation, 4 sample per run1 µL~2000 µL
Automated and flexible Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification System

The Sanity 2.0 System combined DNA/RNA extraction and PCR reaction in a single instrument. Based on the principle of real-time PCR and the High-Resolution Melting Curve (HRM) technology, this system is capable of low-to-medium multiplexing PCR detection (up to 64 targets in a single well PCR reaction). POCT device.

Product Features

Infectious diseases, Drug resistance, and  Pathogen detection

Temperature + 5 “C ~120 “C

The between-well temperature uniformity is ±5°C, which ensures the reliability and stability of HRM analysis to meet the requirements of high-quality experiments.

High-power LED (high brightness, high stability, and maintenance-free)

Automation, 4 sample per run


Sample Capacity4 samples per run/instrument
Detection Channel4 channels
Fluorescence Excitation WavelengthChannel 1: 470 nm Channel 2: 530 nm Channel 3: 580 nm
Channel 4: 630 nm Channel
Fluorescence Detection WavelengthChannel 1: 510 nm Channel 2: 565 nm Channel 3: 620 nm
Channel 4: 665 nm Channel (4 channel system 5: Optional Channel 6: Optional)
Applicable Probes/DyeChannel 1: FAM, SYBR GREEN Channel 2: VIC, HEX, JOE, TET, TAMRA, CY3
Channel 3: ROX, TEXAS RED Channel 4: CY5
Temperature Control Range4℃~99℃
Heating Rate≤4.0℃/S
Temperature Control Accuracy±0.1℃
Temperature Uniformity±0.1℃
Maximum Number of Cycles99
Computer Operating SystemNo computer needed
Maximum Power650VA
Dimensions10.2” x 21.26” x 22.44” (260mm × 540mm × 570mm)
Weight30 kg

Sanity 2.0 Reagent Kits

Product NameDescriptionTests/KitCatalog#
Pathogen Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit(Sanity 2.0)Extraction kit for Pathogen nucleic acid24 Tests/Kit608101
HPV DNA Extraction Kit (Sanity 2.0)Extraction kit for HPV DNA24 Tests/Kit608112
Respiratory Pathogen Panel /RPP4 (Sanity 2.0)Flu A+Flu B+ RSV+COVID- 1924 Tests/Kit801112
High Risk HPV Genotyping Kit (Sanity 2.0)14 High risk HPV genotyped in one single tube24 Tests/Kit801170
MTB Test Kit (Sanity 2.0)MTBC / Tuberculosis24 Tests/Kit801176

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