Fosun Pharma USA and Treehill Partners launch joint efforts for capital investments in biopharma space

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Fosun Pharma USA and Treehill Partners launch joint efforts for capital investments in biopharma space

NEW YORK, NY & LONDON [Nov. 20, 2023, 6:30 AM ET] – Fosun Pharma USA and Treehill Partners (Treehill) announce the formation of a jointly operating vehicle for investment in clinical-stage assets, further solidifying the relationship between the two companies

The newly established business will be looking for high-quality, mid to late-stage assets clinically focused on the United States market. There will also be a high degree of focus on high-quality non-U.S. clinical-stage biopharma assets seeking to access the U.S. market.

The investment team’s strategy will focus on opportunities where a combination of capital, senior leadership involvement, and product development acumen will present the key to unlocking value in a short or mid timeframe.

“Over the recent quarters we have observed a tendency of stand-still in the industry resulting from limited capital being available for biotech product development. This has left a large number of programs unable to advance and ultimately reach patients, not only because clinical activities could not take place due to insufficient funding, but also because companies were not able to attract the expertise necessary to move forward successfully,” Rong Yang, CEO, Fosun Pharma USA, said. “We are combining forces with Treehill Partners given their proven track record with end-to-end capabilities bridging across corporate and product development.”

The business, jointly led by Rong Yang and Ali Pashazadeh (CEO and co-founder, Treehill Partners), will be seeking to make its first investments during 2024. The full spectrum of activities along the investment life cycle — from strategy creation, target identification and investment, over product and business development, to value realization and strategic exit options, will be jointly managed.

“This strategic step is the start of a new chapter in the growth journey of Fosun Pharma USA. Recently, we have built a detailed understanding of the landscape of opportunities and pathways for value creation in this market, which we are looking to pursue actively in an innovative structure,” Yang added. “We look forward to working with the CEOs and leadership teams of our future portfolio companies on a mission to commercialize innovative products that address significant needs of patients worldwide.”

“We have selected Fosun as a preeminent global partner who shares our work ethos and vision for novel pathways of biopharma product development, with whom we have established a trustful relationship over many years,” Pashazadeh said.

As the companies and assets in the investment portfolio mature, the partners will be looking to source third-party capital in several possible structures that will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

About Fosun Pharma USA

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, Fosun Pharma USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fosun Pharma (Group) co., Ltd. Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Fosun HQ”). Fosun HQ, founded in 1994 and headquartered in Shanghai, is a top global, innovation-driven, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry group.

Created as an entrepreneurial business entity, Fosun Pharma USA is a U.S.-focused specialty pharmaceutical company, innovating through strategic partnerships and building its commercial presence in the United States. Fosun Pharma USA leverages its global parent company, Fosun Pharma Group, as well as a unique R&D model, to advance innovative products to patients in need.

Fosun Pharma USA is led by a team of highly experienced executives, who have a strong track record as leaders at both U.S. and European-based pharma companies, in both commercial operations and R&D. Its current portfolio is comprised of specialty pharmaceutical injectable products and ophthalmics, to build a portfolio of high value, branded innovative products.

The company is continuing to build its pipeline with late development stage (phase 2 and beyond) or commercial stage innovative products for the U.S. market, primarily. While Fosun Pharma USA can facilitate a partnership with Fosun HQ for the Chinese market, the focus is on U.S. rights for innovative biopharmaceutical products. Website:; Follow us on LinkedIn for more company updates: Fosun Pharma USA Inc.


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About Treehill Partners

Treehill Partners is an international strategic and financial advisory firm exclusively focused on the healthcare sector. Its multidisciplinary team offers actionable strategic and transaction advice to healthcare CEOs, leadership teams, stakeholders, and investors, with a focus on value-creating transactions and successful corporate evolution strategies. To learn more about Treehill Partners, visit

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